When a vision takes architectural form

A tranquil, green oasis at this central location just a short walk from the Lago di Lugano – a small miracle.

Finding the best-possible layout for this incredibly spacious site was key: the building itself stands at the heart of the site, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and creating lots of light and room for nature. Consideration was given to the acoustics, with sound being minimized to enable rest and relaxation. Access roads and paths have been cleverly thought out, with a focus on people and nature – motorized traffic is discreetly absorbed without detracting from the site’s accessibility.

Green quality of life

A public park is being developed on the 2,500m² grounds of the Casa Vassalli, which also forms part of this extensive site. And it has been possible to maintain a green zone all around the Residenza Parco Lago: greenery will even be incorporated on the façade of the building, with plants growing on all its vertical surfaces. This means that every apartment – all of which have at least one terrace or, for those situated on the ground floor, a private garden – benefits directly from the close-to-nature concept.

In these spacious, light-filled, natural surroundings, the Residenza Parco Lago offers a quality of life unrivalled anywhere else in this sought-after and densely populated area.